5 HP 40 Taper Mill Head

Drilling Capacity in Cast Iron: OD-1″
Drilling Capacity in Steel: OD-3/4″
Capacity Face Milling: OD-4″ ~ 1/8″ Depth
Capacity End Milling: OD-3/4″ ~ 1/4″ Thickness
Spindle Taper: NT-40
Diameter of Quill: 4-1/8″
Number of Spindle Speeds: Variable
Range of Spindle Speeds: 50-3,750 rpm
Power Down Feed per Revolutions of Spindle: .0015/ .0003/ .0006 inch/rev.
Number of Power Feeds: 3
Spindle Travel: 5″

Model Number MHVS5…… Price Fob Los Angeles $4250.00